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Nile Potentate's Message

Dale Newman | Potentate 2022

I was asked why I choose the picture of Senator Jackson as my first piece of history to research. Frankly, it was because I looked at it daily. Having since moved some of the pictures around in the office, now when I look up from my computer, I see the pictures of General MacArthur and Senator Jackson wearing their Fezzes and Senator Jackson’s Scout picture. These three pictures lead me to research one of our most prized possessions, “MacArthur’s Flag”, currently displayed in our lobby.

Douglas MacArthur was born January 26th, 1880 in Little Rock, Arkansas. He graduated from West Point Military Academy in 1903 with the highest honors in his class. He held many high level positions in France during WWI before returning to West Point as Superintendent in the 1920s. He then headed the 1928 American Olympic Committee. Gen. MacArthur became a Nile Shriner on August 10, 1936, during one of the Nile’s foreign ceremonial trips. Later, he married his second wife, Jean Faircloth, in 1937 before retiring from the Army in December (for the first time). Their only child, Arthur, was born in Manila the following year. The General died April 5, 1964 in Washington, D.C.

The Dai Ichi building housed The Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Co. Ltd. in 1945. The company was given 72 hours to find a new location and move all of their files before Gen. MacArthur and his staff would move in. They were successful, completing the move with 3 hours to spare! The room that became Gen. MacArthur’s office is on the (formerly) top floor and is said to have a view over the wall of the Imperial Palace. This 581 sq ft room is still furnished with his desk and faded green chairs. A bronze bust of Gen. MacArthur has since been added.

This flag was presented to us by Owen E. Cartmel. He obtained it while stationed in Tokyo with the Office of the Tokyo Provost Marshall. He had been instructed by General MacArthur’s Aide to requisition a new US flag to replace the one flying atop the Dai Ichi Building since The General’s arrival in Tokyo.

After receiving the new flag, and replacing the tattered flag that had been flying, the old flag was brought to Mr. Cartmel and he was directed to destroy it in proper military fashion. When the flag was handed off, Gen. Charles Willoughby, G2 of the Far East Command made the comment “you know, that is the first American flag to fly over Occupied Japan; that is the flag General MacArthur brought with him when he first arrived here in 1945.”

Mr. Cartmel realized the historical significance of such a flag and decided that he should not destroy it but try and preserve such a historical item. He hid it in his footlocker, where it remained for 18 years. The flag was presented to Nile on September 24, 1966, two and a half years after The General’s passing.

Yours in the faith,
Dale Newman
Nile Potentate 2022

Become a Freemason

At the recent Conference of Grand Masters in Louisville, Kentucky, Imperial Potentate Jeff Sowder, along with Scottish Rite Sovereign Grand Commanders David A. Glattly, 33° (Northern Masonic Jurisdiction), and James D. Cole, 33° (Southern Jurisdiction), announced a formal partnership on the Path Forward for Freemasonry.

As part of that initiative, the three leaders announced, which features a wealth of information including an explanation of Masonic terms, lodge life, symbolism, degrees and family organizations. Launched in mid-February, this first-of-its-kind site introduces Freemasonry to men who are looking to "become the best version" of themselves. The site has a "Get in Touch" button, so prospects (in North America) can fill out a short form that will put them in touch with a Masonic leader in their local area. We hope you share this helpful site with men that you know who are committed to lives of honor, integrity and character.

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