Pote's Notes - Aug/Sept 2016

We had a great time in Tampa for the Shrine Imperial 2016. Lady Denise sure enjoyed being there with Chief Rabban Gale Kenney & Lady Jane, Asst. Rabban Larry Bronner & Lady Anne, Treasurer Steve Kiely & Lady Rhoda, Chief Aide Blair Schaufele & Lady Lil, and your favorite and mine, Past Potentate Richard Kovak & Lady Carroll. We enjoyed taking time out to congratulate Past Potentate Kovak on reaching his Emeritus status by sitting down and having dinner together. This was something we will always remember.

Thanks to all of the Units and Clubs that make the parades a success. Everyone looks forward to seeing you all there. Don’t forget why we participate – the smiling faces, waves from the crowd and thank yous. Sometimes the journey is long but the rewards are worth it.

At the Past Potentates dinner held on June 3rd, the 2016 Divan and their ladies had a wonderful time honoring the Past Potentates. Once again, Lady Denise did a magnificent job with table decorations and ladies’ gifts. Please remember that it’s not just about us – the ladies keep us on the straight and narrow – thanks for all you do.

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Pote's Notes - February/March 2016

 I would like to thank you for your vote of confidence in electing me to the Office of Potentate for 2016. It is an honor to have your faith in the ability of those that were elected. I want to have a year filled with open communication, your involvement in decisions, and fun!

I would like to extend my congratulations to the Divan and all the Club and Unit officers being elected to their positions. Thank you, Illustrious Sir David and Lady Karen for your service this past year, and for you prior service on the Divan. 

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Pote's Notes - April/May 2016

We had a great time at the Club and Unit Seminar hosted by Chief Rabban Gale Kenny lots of information and he did a grand masterful job. The program is an important key to help Clubs and Units grow and prosper. 

First Lady Denise wrote an article in this issue about the Luncheon at the Nile. I will say that the members of the Divan had a great time serving all the ladies. There was lots of laughs and fun, thank you all for doing your service. 

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Pote's Notes - June/July 2016

On April 2nd, I had the honor and privilege to be asked to speak at the Daughters of the Nile Installation of Queen Molly Nagel and Officers at the Comcast Arena in Everett. Lady Denise and I were in attendance with the Divan; Gale Kenney, Larry and Annie Bronner, and Susan Dazey. It was nice to see the Illustrious Sir Gene Gilbert and Lady Dottie there, as well as the Illustrious Sir Dave Ramich and Lady Kathy. All of the ladies were absolutely lovely in their dresses, and if you were not there, you missed the superb entertainment presented by the ladies. The Kids Easter Egg Hunt on March 26th was again, a huge success. Everyone told me they had a great time! Thank you to the Nile Clowns and the Ladies of the Shrine Clowns for all your work you to organize and produce the Easter Egg Hunt. 

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