Pote's Notes - Feb/Mar 2017

Hello, Nobles and Ladies.

This shall be my first communique to you for the year 2017.

For those of you who were unable to attend the Nile’s Installation on Saturday, January 7th, 2017, I am attaching my address to those assembled:

Potentate’s Installation Message

Illustrious Sirs, Members of the Divan, Nobles, Ladies and guests. My theme for the year is: 

Inspired by our history, embracing our future” 

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Pote's Notes - Dec 2016/Jan 2017

Another successful year for the Haunted House – Wow they were scary! My thanks go out to Noble Jody Bossert and all the staff. Assistant Rabban Larry Bronner and Lady Annie did a great job of getting all of their gang together to work the booth, parking and security. Director’s staff worked hard in their booth as always and put out some good eats.

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Pote's Notes - Oct/Nov 2016

Our Oriental Band took first place at PNSA in Billings, MT! I am so proud of the Oriental Band, they were ready willing and able to WIN. Way to go all of you. We had a great time in Billings, MT for the PNSA 2016. A big thanks to all the Al Bedoo Shriners that worked hard on getting it done. Lady Denise and I sure enjoyed being there with our Divan and Aides. It will be our turn to host PNSA, July 26th-29th. Executive Aide Scott Wells and Lady Ann have done a wonderful job of getting us in the right direction. Please call Scotty and Ann if you want to volunteer to help.


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Pote's Notes - Aug/Sept 2016

We had a great time in Tampa for the Shrine Imperial 2016. Lady Denise sure enjoyed being there with Chief Rabban Gale Kenney & Lady Jane, Asst. Rabban Larry Bronner & Lady Anne, Treasurer Steve Kiely & Lady Rhoda, Chief Aide Blair Schaufele & Lady Lil, and your favorite and mine, Past Potentate Richard Kovak & Lady Carroll. We enjoyed taking time out to congratulate Past Potentate Kovak on reaching his Emeritus status by sitting down and having dinner together. This was something we will always remember.

Thanks to all of the Units and Clubs that make the parades a success. Everyone looks forward to seeing you all there. Don’t forget why we participate – the smiling faces, waves from the crowd and thank yous. Sometimes the journey is long but the rewards are worth it.

At the Past Potentates dinner held on June 3rd, the 2016 Divan and their ladies had a wonderful time honoring the Past Potentates. Once again, Lady Denise did a magnificent job with table decorations and ladies’ gifts. Please remember that it’s not just about us – the ladies keep us on the straight and narrow – thanks for all you do.

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