Pote's Notes - Oct/Nov - 2018

I bring greetings to you, our faithful Nobles, and your lovely ladies.

Here we are in October already and the year is mostly gone. I thought I would be on easy street by now and am totally unable to find such an unlikely place. Every place I go, there are people to meet, things to do and decisions to be made. I’m all right at meeting people, but after that, it gets more interesting.

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Pote's Notes - Aug-Sept 2018

We offer greetings to our Nobles, spouses and friends;

Here we are, half way through the year and very busy. I am writing this early, and by the time our paper is published, we will be back from Imperial Session in Daytona, FL and thinking about PNSA in Casper, WY. Navy Days and our Nile Family Picnic will be in the past by then, as well. I did say “busy”.

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Pote's Notes - June-July 2018

Greetings to Nobles, Ladies & Friends of the Nile Shrine:

The First Lady’s Luncheon, held on May 2nd, was very good and well attended. We had over 80 ladies there and our caterer provided a great lunch. The entertainment was put on by the First Lady from Gizeh Shrine, and she did a wonderful job. My hands are a bit tired from tying so many monkey-fist knots which were added to the gift bags for each lady. The members of the Divan dressed up and served dessert to the ladies. Thank you to all that attended and many thanks to Darla Sluder and all of her helpers to make it a success.

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Pote's Notes - April-May 2018

Greetings Nobles, Ladies & Friends:

Well, here I am pretty much through my first two months as Potentate and, I like to think, starting to get the hang of the job. Wouldn’t it be nice?

As always, and from the start, I am concerned about membership. It is declining for all kinds of reasons. It has been decreasing continuously over recent years. But now, we are not finding enough new members to make up for those that leave or pass away. We need to change this now.

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