Pote's Notes - Dec/Jan - 2018

Nobles and Friends,

Well here we are my last article for Smile with Nile during the year that I am Potentate at Nile Shrine. To me it seems as though we just got started. The time has gone by fast which shows that we were quite busy. My lady, Annie has been my strong right hand with details about setting up events, reminding me about issues and putting up with me being gone all day along with our travels to the east for Imperial, all over the northwest to PNSA, and traveling in Nile Territory to outlying Shrine Clubs and Units. The upside is we have made friends everywhere and together had a good time.

When we put together the budget last year, we did not plan on a lot of building repairs because we felt that we did not have the money to do them. This year, we had great weather so the Golf Course performed well above normal. Along with that, our Caterer had a great year with room rentals and catering. This provided some extra money to do a lot of the repairs that have been hanging over us for years. We have been catching up on many projects that really needed to be done. At this point, we have spent over $145,000 in repair costs that were not in the budget, however extra income from the Haunted House and room rentals more than cover these costs.

Our haunted house had a great year. We are looking at about a 25% improvement over our income last year. One unusual thing that happened was the last day of the haunt, on Halloween night; we had a much larger attendance than expected, providing a very strong night. The lower parking lot was full before the ticket booth opened and the upper lot was full by 8:00 pm, then it started expanding out with pull off parking clear out to the back gate and down the road between the two lots. At the end of the night, the ticket booth closed at 10:00 pm, and we still had a 45-minute line to get into the haunt. The haunt was working until about 11:00 pm. That was very unusual, even stunningly unusual for our Haunted House and particularly for a Halloween night.

By the time you see this article, the Holiday Ball will be past, and we will be looking at two upcoming events—our Closed Stated Meeting for December and the New Year’s Eve Party. The only thing left for me is to open the Installation of Officers meeting for the 2019 year.

Here are more details on the two events left in 2018:

Our next Closed Stated Meeting will be held on December 12th. We have a lot of business to conduct including a vote on a proposed By-Laws change, Election of Officers for 2019, discuss and pass the budget for 2019 and election of new Shrine candidates, as required. Also, we are expecting the Grand Master of the State of Washington to attend this meeting. Be sure to RSVP with the Nile Office to reserve your spot.

We are having a New Year’s Eve Party on December 31st and will be raising our glasses to toast the coming year starting at 9:00 pm for Eastern Time, 10:00 pm for Central Time, 11:00 pm for Mountain Time and finally, at 12:00 am for Pacific Time. After that, we may be on our lips and will probably skip Alaska and Hawaii. But then it is sometimes incredible what a vote of the people can bring about if they want to be up and partying till two or three in the morning January 1st.  This event is open to the public, so be sure to invite your friends, family and neighbors.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who have donated money to the Shriners Hospitals for the $100 Million Dollar Club—Royal Order of the Rose program. There have been a lot of donors participating this month. More details are provided in the newsletter. Thank you to Nobles Richard Brandon and Andy Wangstad for getting this started. Please note that this is something that the Nile is sponsoring and not Imperial, so let’s see what we can do as a Temple. 

Yours in the faith, 

Larry A. Bronner 
Potentate 2018