Pote's Notes - Aug-Sept 2018

We offer greetings to our Nobles, spouses and friends;

Here we are, half way through the year and very busy. I am writing this early, and by the time our paper is published, we will be back from Imperial Session in Daytona, FL and thinking about PNSA in Casper, WY. Navy Days and our Nile Family Picnic will be in the past by then, as well. I did say “busy”.

Well, I would like to talk about the Potentate’s Cruise to Alaska from June 4th to 18th. We had twenty-two people attend, all of which had a great time. Everyone was com-patible and enjoyed being together. For many nights, we all gathered for dinner, the evening entertainment and an hour or so in the piano bar on Deck 5.

Most of the people were from Nile with a few exceptions: one couple, Noble Chuck Richards and Lady Paula, came up from Phoenix, Arizona; our old friend, Noble Jerry Biddle and Lady Lani, from their new home in Woodburn, Oregon; and Noble John Vance, a fifty-year member of Nile, who came from Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s funny, John has been a member with the Nile for so long, but this was his first time to visit the Nile Shrine. I guess it is never too late.

The weather was great the entire trip (can you believe it?) and we crossed the Gulf of Alaska twice then brushed the toe of Shelikof Straight before entering Cook Inlet, with hardly a noticeable swell. I know from experience that both the gulf and the straight can be much rougher than that. Fourteen days is a long cruise yet everyone told me that they had a great time. This was definitely a trip to remember.

Our next event was the Arlington Fly-In, July 7th and 8th. A Shriner, Steve Bennett, who is also a commercial pilot from Boise, contacted me to see if we could drum up some volunteers to man a booth to share information for Shriners Hospitals for children and how to join the Shriners.  During the event, Steve flew his bi-plane  and performed breath-taking stunts.

Friday morning, I got our booth set up right on the taxi-way, very near the main runway. Steve’s by-plane was parked near us. People came to look at the stunt plane and had a chance to talk with us about the Shriners and our hospitals.

Friday was pretty slow but nobles Ed Broker, Jud Chapin, and Travis Dean were there to answer any questions. On Saturday, High Priest and Prophet Larry Gillespie, along with nobles Darrick Hayman, Eric Busby and Dusty Rhodes held down the fort. I stayed a good portion of the day, as well. At one point, Chief Rabban Steve Dazey stopped in. The air show was really something and produced many “oohs” and “ahhs”. It was so much fun that we ended up spending most of the day there.

Thank you to Noble Steve Bennett and all of the volunteers.

Just remember, if you every want to talk or volunteer for something, you can call me at 425-774-9611 ext. 211.

Yours in the faith, 

Larry A. Bronner 
Potentate 2018