Pote's Notes - Feb/Mar 2017

Hello, Nobles and Ladies.

This shall be my first communique to you for the year 2017.

For those of you who were unable to attend the Nile’s Installation on Saturday, January 7th, 2017, I am attaching my address to those assembled:

Potentate’s Installation Message

Illustrious Sirs, Members of the Divan, Nobles, Ladies and guests. My theme for the year is: 

Inspired by our history, embracing our future” 

This year will mark the one hundred and tenth installation since our charter and I am proud of our heritage. I have been inspired by our long history, yet at the same time we must look to the future of the Nile Shrine Center and ensure that it exists for another one hundred and ten years. We have had our ups and downs, and because of two Nobles, Illustrious Sir Jim Hutchins and Noble Steve Kiley, our finances and business plan have been turned around and they are now moving in a positive direction. Also, under the keen eye of Noble Rick Sproul, who has assisted in making those tough decisions.  Thank you, Brother Nobles. Your love and concern for our Shrine Center is greatly appreciated.

We have some great activities coming up throughout the year.  Next month, on Saturday, February 11th, we will be having the Potentate and First Lady’s Valentine’s Ball, with music performed by Mark Stern. I am sure you will not want to miss it. We will also have our annual Unit and Club Seminar on Saturday, February 25th that will be put on by our Chief Rabban, Noble Larry Bronner. Though there will be some repeat information, there is always new and important information for all of the Unit and Club leaders to take back to their various groups. Please plan on attending.

In March, the Nile will be hosting our friends from the Knights of Columbus, Seattle Council No. 676 for our forty-fifth annual visitation which started back on March 1st 1973 when our two organizations first came together for lunch at the invite of then Potentate Maury Sughroue. What a wonderful tradition. We will entertain our guests with dancers from the Tara Academy and our own Piper, Noble Dan Boren, will play a couple of Irish tunes on the Scottish bagpipes! Now that should be interesting!

We will also be attending the Silvertips Hockey game in Everett with its cross-town rival Seattle Thunderbirds. Being a Thunderbird fan, I don’t think that I will wear my jersey to the Silvertips game. More information will be coming out in the near future.

Don’t forget that from July 27th thru July 29th, the Nile will be hosting the Pacific Northwest Shrine Association, which consists of eighteen Temples, led by President, Ill. Sir Don Lane and Noble Scott Wells, who will be the Director General of the event. There are many plans in the works and everyone is encouraged to be a part of the fun. The Imperial Potentate will also be in attendance.

In August, we will be making our annual outing to the Everett AquaSox game on Saturday, August 19th with fireworks after the game.

September will be highlighted with the Potentate and First Lady’s Cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. We will be holding informational seminars regarding the cruise in the near future. And in October, the Grand Master will pay us a visit with our youth groups being highlighted.

These are just a few of the events planned for the year.  There is so much more, along with sharing time with our Ladies groups, the Daughters of the Nile and Ladies Oriental Shrine throughout the year.

We will also continue our visits to the Blue Lodges in the area that was started back in 2013. It is not about “them and us” but about “we”. Our membership depends upon the brethren in the Blue Lodges joining the Shrine to keep our fraternity viable and to support our twenty-two Shriners Hospitals for Children where they can receive treatment regardless of the family’s ability to pay.

Would the following Ladies please stand: Joy Syson, Rhoda Kiely, Marilyn Hutchins, Liz Seldon, Lorna Tashiro, Liz Broker, Pat Chapin, Tina Martinez, Judy Dean, Jan Alexander, Henrietta Armfield, Marty Busby, Sherri Duke, Hilda Thorkidsen, Ann Wells, Rose Reagan and Marcia Wise. Would you please help me thank them for sharing with us their delicious appetizers. Thank you Ladies, your efforts are most appreciated.

We have a very special young lady present this evening, Megan Johnson, the National Patient Ambassador in 2006-2007, for Shriners International, who took time off from work to be here with us. She has had thirty-one surgeries during her short life, and if anyone could find a silver-lining under a rock, it would be Megan.  Thank you for being here, Megan.

Thank you to the Legion of Honor, the Chanters, the Oriental Band and the Ballarddears for your participation in tonight’s Installation.  You added that special touch.

Two last thank-yous, though there are so many to thank for this evening. Arnie Thorkidsen for all of his hard work to make sure that all of the light standards that you see coming into the Shrine Center had lights on them to guide your way. Thank you Noble Arnie. And last but not least, to my Lady Jane Davis who has supported me along this journey for the past five years. Thank you, Pretty Lady.

I would now like to leave you with some words of wisdom by George Washington Carver:   

Be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, tolerant of the because someday in your life you will be all of these.

Thank you.

As every Noble is aware, Membership is the Nile’s No. 1 Goal for the year. Ill. Sir David Brady, Sr. is the Chairman of Membership for the year along with Co-Chairman, Noble Orville Stoner, Sr. They will be working hard to increase our membership, but don’t forget, membership is up to each and every one of us to make happen. This is just one way in which we can “embrace our future”.

I would now like to quote Imperial Law re: Reaffiliation at Nile:

According to the By-Laws of the Iowa Corporation (Shriners International), 328.7 Affiliation by Demit – the holder of a demit from a temple is governed by the following:

Reaffiliation.  If for the preceding 6 months he has been a resident of the jurisdiction of the temple which issued his demit, and with which he desires to reaffiliate, he must submit his written application with the original demit attached, and must be returned to membership without a vote of the temple. The application must be accompanied by written evidence that he is in good standing in his prerequisite body. The reaffiliation must be reported to the temple at its next stated meeting and recorded in the minutes.

Please share this information with any Noble who has taken a demit in 2015. Affiliation forms are available in the office or at: http://www.nileshriners.org/shriners/petitions/121-petitions

It is my hope that all of these individuals will consider coming back to Nile in 2017. The dues amount is $150.00, and is the total amount that is required to reaffiliate.