Pote's Notes - June/July 2016

On April 2nd, I had the honor and privilege to be asked to speak at the Daughters of the Nile Installation of Queen Molly Nagel and Officers at the Comcast Arena in Everett. Lady Denise and I were in attendance with the Divan; Gale Kenney, Larry and Annie Bronner, and Susan Dazey. It was nice to see the Illustrious Sir Gene Gilbert and Lady Dottie there, as well as the Illustrious Sir Dave Ramich and Lady Kathy. All of the ladies were absolutely lovely in their dresses, and if you were not there, you missed the superb entertainment presented by the ladies. The Kids Easter Egg Hunt on March 26th was again, a huge success. Everyone told me they had a great time! Thank you to the Nile Clowns and the Ladies of the Shrine Clowns for all your work you to organize and produce the Easter Egg Hunt. 


I want to thank all of the Units and Clubs that made the trip to La Conner for the parade on April 9th. The weather was perfect and it was nice to see the Minibikes in the parade. They made it through the mean streets, except for their fearless leader, but he gave it a gallant try! The Potentate's Band was in attendance, and was the grandest band there! They really do make the parades a success for the Nile. Thanks to all of you for fighting the traffic, and making me proud to be a Shriner! Everyone that attended the La Conner Parade was treated to a lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs with salads galore. Thank you, and your ladies from all of us. While there, we celebrated Lila Long's birthday and the Potentate’s Band sung a wonderful rendition of happy birthday! She was presented with a beautiful birthday cake which everyone enjoyed. What a wonderful lady for all the work she does for the Nile Potentate's Band.

April 13th was the Nile Stated Meeting which included a delicious meatloaf dinner. Thanks to our new caterer for doing a great job! I'm thinking we could have that for every dinner. Also, BIG thanks to the Arlington High School Jazz Band our entertainment for the evening. The kids played their hearts out, and everyone enjoyed the music. The solos performed were some of the best you will ever see at the Nile. On Friday, May 13th we had a great time at the Olympic Peninsula Shrine Club. They honored the 2016 Divan and Ladies at their dinner, and it was great fun to meet and greet with friends. After dinner, we retired to the hospitality suite before finishing the night on the roof to watch fireworks. We joined them again on Saturday for the Irrigation Days Parade (by the way, the weather was 73 degrees with mostly sunny skies). What a great day to be a Shriner and in a parade to entertain the KIDS and the crowds!

On Friday, June 3rd the 2016 Divan and their Aides will host the annual dinner for all the Past Potentates, and this year I am inviting their Ladies. I hope to see a great turnout for the evening. Please RSVP to Sonya in the Nile Office if you are going to be in attendance.

Remember we will be dark June, July, and August with no stated meetings. Keep a look out for announcements and happenings in and around the Nile. Don’t forget there are lots of parades and events to attend during the summer.

On August 27th plan on attending our annual Aqua Sox baseball game in Everett. We will have a picnic at the baseball park before watching Everett take on Vancouver in warm weather. Remember to get your tickets early. We will send an email when they are ready to be purchased and additional details.

I want to give big thanks to our Recorder, the Illustrious Sir Jim Hutchins, and Treasurer Steve Kiely for volunteering to help ME. I just can’t say enough about how much they have helped this year in every way. Next time you see them, let them know what a great job they are doing. They are working to keep our heritage going and preserve what we have.

Thanks to Pete and his staff for all the work they have done on the grounds. The haunted house has been removed from the picnic area, the ground covering has been refreshed, and the flower beds have been renewed. The course looks great and the landscaping (thanks, John) look wonderful!

Since the beginning of the year, we have conducted cold sands on 7 new Shriners. Please make a point to get to know them and encourage them to join the units and clubs. We need to cultivate and grow our new members to help them feel wanted and useful. If we don’t make the effort, will they? Now is a great time to become a mentor for new and future members.

A special thank you goes to the Illustrious Sir Dave Brady for reaching out and introducing new members to the Nile, as well as your efforts to bring in new members. Our legacy is you. Without those few doing what they do, we don’t grow.

A great big thank you to the Temple Bells! They come in and volunteer their time and make everyone’s job a lot easier. They are a joy to have around. :)

Keep your eyes open, and look for exciting changes around the outside of the building.

Remember we are here “for the children”.

See you on the golf course!

Yours in the faith - Illustrious Sir Donald E. Lane.