Pote's Notes - April/May 2016

We had a great time at the Club and Unit Seminar hosted by Chief Rabban Gale Kenny lots of information and he did a grand masterful job. The program is an important key to help Clubs and Units grow and prosper. 

First Lady Denise wrote an article in this issue about the Luncheon at the Nile. I will say that the members of the Divan had a great time serving all the ladies. There was lots of laughs and fun, thank you all for doing your service. 


Lady Denise and I were asked to attend the Palestine Children Relief Fund for the Spokane Shrine Hospital to accept an Award of Appreciation plaque. This was in gratitude for their excellent medical care, dedication and compassion to 7-year old Weseem Shalouf. It was great to meet him and his mother at this event.

The Palestine Children Relief Fund is a humanitarian organization that brings children from war-ravaged areas to hospitals.  Weseem was born with a double leg deformity; he had surgery on his 7th birthday to amputate both legs to allow him to walk again. From never being able to walk to two sets of prosthetics was a bit scary for him. Weseem and his mother came from Gaza in September after the Palestine Relief Fund connected them with Shriners. After hearing their presentation, they also do great things for children.

On Monday, March 7, 2016, Waseem’s mother, Saedeya, was able to watch him do something she never thought possible, walk onto a plane to go back home to Gaza. Weseem has three wishes 1st to walk, 2nd to go to school, 3rd he wants to play soccer and now because of SHRINERS, he can do all three. You can all be proud of what we do because it is “for the children”. 

Lady Denise and I had a great time at the Knights of Columbus event. Grand Knight Larry Kessler and Lady Penney were great hosts. Larry and I exchanged gifts and had fun introducing those in attendance; Divan members Gale Kenney and Illustrious Sir Jim Hutchins and Lady Marilyn. Past Potentate Dick Sardeson, Past Potentate Carl Alexander and Lady Jan., Past Potentate Dave Brady, Noble Bob O'Brien, Noble Bob Wilson and Lady Jennifer, thank you all for attending.

Ladies Oriental Shriners Installation of Officers was held on the 13th of March. It was an honor and a privilege to be asked to speak. High Priestess Guyanna and all the Ladies looked absolutely beautiful in their dresses. The ladies dancing and marching were awesome. The Daughters of the Nile Installation of Officers will be held on the 2nd of April at the Comcast Arena in Everett. Lady Denise and I look forward to being there.

March 26th will be the Kids Easter Egg Hunt which is always a success. Bring your kids, grandkids and family. You will have a great time with the clowns and we are excited to have the Ladies of the Shrine Clowns attend in costume. 

April 13th will be an open Nile Stated Meeting. If you have an idea for entertainment, other than me singing “Home on the Range”, I am open to suggestions. I would rather get suggestions, on what you would like to see for entertainment, than me thinking it up. I’m thinking of an old fashion meatloaf dinner, mashed potatoes, corn etc. Let me know what you think. 

I want to thank Marcus for his years of service to the Nile, he has decided to move to another job and we wish him well. We should have a new catering operation in place soon as we have a lot of events coming up for them to take charge of. We will let you know who that is by email and publish it in the next issue This will be to print and mailed before we actually know for sure. 

Look for exciting changes around the outside of the building; your Treasurer Noble Steve Kiely has been busy pressure washing stairs, walls, and the gazebo. Thanks, Steve. 

Remember we are here “for the children”.

See you on the golf course!

Yours in the faith - Illustrious Sir Donald E. Lane.