Pote's Notes - Feb/Mar - 2019


First, a big thank you for the trust placed in me as your new Potentate. I am humbled by the confidence you have shown me by electing me to this position. Rest assured that as in my oath I, will to the best of my ability, lead the Nile Shrine forward.

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Pote's Notes - Dec/Jan - 2018

Nobles and Friends,

Well here we are my last article for Smile with Nile during the year that I am Potentate at Nile Shrine. To me it seems as though we just got started. The time has gone by fast which shows that we were quite busy. My lady, Annie has been my strong right hand with details about setting up events, reminding me about issues and putting up with me being gone all day along with our travels to the east for Imperial, all over the northwest to PNSA, and traveling in Nile Territory to outlying Shrine Clubs and Units. The upside is we have made friends everywhere and together had a good time.

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Pote's Notes - Oct/Nov - 2018

I bring greetings to you, our faithful Nobles, and your lovely ladies.

Here we are in October already and the year is mostly gone. I thought I would be on easy street by now and am totally unable to find such an unlikely place. Every place I go, there are people to meet, things to do and decisions to be made. I’m all right at meeting people, but after that, it gets more interesting.

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Pote's Notes - Aug-Sept 2018

We offer greetings to our Nobles, spouses and friends;

Here we are, half way through the year and very busy. I am writing this early, and by the time our paper is published, we will be back from Imperial Session in Daytona, FL and thinking about PNSA in Casper, WY. Navy Days and our Nile Family Picnic will be in the past by then, as well. I did say “busy”.

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