Donations - 2015 February

(NOTE: This extended list includes donations received during the months of December 2014, January 2015 and February 2015.)


Amos Chapman (In memory of Morrie Olsen)
West Seattle Shrine Club
Ramon Maly
Robert Wilkie
Herbert Brod
Gordon Walgren
Gerald Bryson
James Toner
Jeffrey Freimund
Tommy Cheng
Patrick Rimmer
Walter Stidham
Mark Johnson
Ralph Van Degrift
Northwest Shrine Club
Neighbors of Delores Chamberlin
Peter A Myhre
Robert Lindkvist
Al & Carol Lehrner
NW Shrine Club
Elizabeth Beattie
The Neighbors of Delores Chamberlin
Robert Snyder
Gregory M Martin
Bernice Seymour
Mr & Mrs William Heideman
Jane Uman
Louis A Vontver MD
Dennis G Opacki
Mr & Mrs Richard Kowalik


Janice Kurth (In memory of Ethel Wheat)
Eugene Foster (In memory of Harry Frost & William Page Sr & Norm Wold)
Larry & Annie Bronner (In memory of Cecil Gartin)
Nile Shrine Men’s Golf Club
Tim Karas
Tim Karas
Tim Karas
Tim Karas
Al & Carol Lehner
Scott Wells
Don & Charolette Smith
Craig Jacobson
Tim Karas
Renton Shrine Club
Ron Vanhoose


Leoanard Balgoyen
David Brady Sr. (In memory of Bob Chamberlin)
Phil Ford
Nile Greeters

100 Million Dollar Club

J M Priest
Frank Morrow