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firewood1 The pictures that you will soon see on this page represent Logging 101 that will go on possibly for the next 6 months. There are up to 20 cords of wood that we will be harvesting from trees that have been cut down and left on our grounds. The money that we will receive from firewood sales will defray the costs of our participation in this and future years parades.

Here we have Jim Butler and Bob Haber looking for the easiest and safest way to tackle these large trees.
firewood2 Jim and Bob off the 13th tee box examining the smaller trees that have been cut down.
firewood3 This perhaps 60 foot tree is located just below the previous location and is on top of another monster. Safety in harvesting these trees will be paramount.
firewood4 The lads are contemplating the area next to the 11th fairway where four very accessible trees are located.
firewood5 Here is the first tree to be cut up. As pictured the tree is resting over three others which will be dragged out with the Nile tractor and then cut up into 17 inch rounds.