Lessons by Joe Korn

Joe Korn - PGA Head Professional
Joe Korn
PGA Professional


For lessons, contact Joe Korn at the Nile ProShop at 425-776-5154 ext. 512

Private Lessons

Adult Lessons $55.00 each 30 minutes
Playing Lessons $90.00 each 1 hour
Junior Lessons $45.00 each 30 minutes
Junior Playing Lesson  $75.00 each 1 hour

Group Lesson

Two People $50.00 each 30 minutes
Three People $45.00 each 40 minutes
Four People $40.00 each 50 minutes

Golf lessons will be taught on the first tee during the last two hours of daylight unless otherwise arranged.

(Lessons are given on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays)