Lessons by Grant Stickney

Grant Stickney
Grant Stickney - Assistant Golf & Teaching Professional

About me:

I think golf is the coolest game in the world. I fell in love with the game at 18 years old and turned professional and starting teaching at 21. Everyday I feel extremely blessed that I can come to work and work on my game and also help others improve there game.

I've molded my own personal teaching style from everything I've learned from my PGA schooling, mentors, studying swing mechanics from the all time greats, and from playing competitive golf. My philosophy is to keep the golf swing simple and work within the strengths of each golfer.

For lessons, contact Grant Stickney at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the Nile ProShop at 425-776-5154 ext. 512.

Private Lessons

Junior Lessons $35.00 30 minutes
Junior 4 Lesson Package $125.00 30 minutes
Adult 4 Lesson Package $175.00 30 minutes
Regular Lessons $50.00 30 minutes
Playing Lessons $70 1 hour

Four Lesson Group Series

Two People $115.00 each 30 minutes
Three People $100.00 each 45 minutes
Four People $85.00 50 minutes
Five People $75.00 50 minutes

Golf lessons will be taught on the first tee during the last two hours of daylight unless otherwise arranged.